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Nov 22, 2009 1:00pm EST
head of a raucous populist democracy. loves to read. by all accounts he and president obama have forged a good personal relationship. but the visit of india's prime minister to washington is about more than personalities. it is the first official state visit of the obama presidency. it should be an occasion to celebrate and solidify the alliance between the world's largest democracy and the world's oldest democracy. but in fact, so far the obama presidency has been marked by a series of small fumbles and miscues in its relations n new delhi. we think a lot about south asia and call it afback. fixated on stabilizing afghanistan, washington seems to be relying more and more heavily on pakistan to tackle the taliban problem. in doing so more disturbingly, washington seems to be adopting the world view of the pakistani army, an army that created the taliban and despite $10 billion of aid from the united states, has taken no serious steps to dismantle it. pakistan's long-standing position has been that it has a right to see a pro-pakistani government in afghanistan. the respected expert harr
Nov 29, 2009 1:00pm EST
. and that is exactly because of what the revolutionary guards are doing. >> what should obama and his administration do? >> i think obama is on the right track right now. i think the world community, they have to stop a nuclear iran by any means possible. but most importantly through smart sanctions. but the obama administration, they also have to -- it also has to respect the iranian people. i think through smart sanctions, through keeping the lines of dialogue open with the iranian government, but at the same time talking about human rights abuses in iran, helping the human rights organizations in iran, talking about freedom of expression, helping the alternative media, i think the obama administration will have a more successful -- i know it's easy to talk about these things, but americans, they have made so many mistakes, especially during the eight years of the bush administration, that obama will have a very difficult task in the future in terms of relationship with iran. >> now, you've written this extraordinary cover story in "newsweek." you're now thinking about other things, or is the priorit
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2